Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Lesson From the Leaves

I was driving one day and noticed something that I had never noticed before. There was a row of green trees with one tree that had already turned for the fall and was bright red. These trees were obviously on different time tables. While the red one was ready to move on to the next season, the green ones simply weren't there yet.

As I do with most things, I compared it to education.

Does the red tree mock the green ones for not been on its level?

Do the green trees make fun of the red one for being "too smart" and ahead of the game?

Would the red tree be the teacher's "favorite"?

The truth is that there is true beauty in the colors that come to us every fall. And those colors exist by allowing the trees to change at a time that works for them.
Nature has its own way of showing us how we need to approach things. If a student cannot seem to grasp a concept, we have to stay with them and support them. Their leaves WILL begin to change colors. You just have to give them the educational nutrients they need.
The same goes behaviorally. Many teachers get frustrated because students should "know better." Some trees are very reluctant to change with the new season. This could be because they don't like the cold or simply because change is hard. This doesn't mean we cut the tree down with our screaming and words of negativity. We need to provide these trees with the light of positivity and the warmth of compassion.  In time, the season will change for this tree and we can sit back and simply watch all the beautiful colors.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Earthworm Superhero

Have you ever had one of those days that makes you think of the song "Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This" by The Shirelles. Those day are definitely not easy ones.

I was having one of those days  and instantly reached out to my co-worker and partner in crime. We were going to go for a walk to talk it out but Mother Nature had her own rainy plans. Instead, we settled for sitting under cover outside.Watching the rain really does have the power to calm the storm within you. 

As we talked, we began to notice that we were not alone. We were suddenly surrounded by earthworms that were attempting to escape their flooded homes and had found their way to the cement. The focus of my co-worker instantly shifted to these creatures.

"I must save them! I must save them all"

After our rescue mission was completed, we returned to our conversation. Within moments, I realized she had lost her focus once more. When I asked what it was, she responded with:

"I thought that one was dead, but he's not! I have to still save him!" 

This moment stuck with me.

There are many times that teachers give up on kids because they are "too far gone."  They cling to the statement "There's no saving that one!" or "You can't save them all!"

Then there are those like my wonderful co-worker who sees the life within, no matter how buried it might be and tries to save it.

What earthworm in your life do you still need to save?
There is still life in them!
Don't give up!