Friday, August 31, 2018

Life is Like a Bowl of Pasta

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a sucker for a bowl of pasta.

 I think I could honestly live on pasta and parmesan cheese... 

But have you ever thought how much a bowl of pasta could relate to our lives??

Think about it for a minute....

Do you ever just cook one noodle for dinner?... No that would be very sad! You pile many noodles into the boiling water. Comparatively, your to-do list rarely has only one item on it. Many times that list is so long, it is almost more crowded than that boiling water. 

When you go to strain the pasta, there is that occasion that a noodle goes astray and finds itself in the sink drain rather than on your plate. While this is a sad occurrence because you are down one, you remember that there are many more like that one comfortably on your plate!

 In the strainer of life, there are things on our list that will fall through no matter how hard we try to keep them in that bowl. It may be frustrating or upsetting when this happens, yet we must focus on the great things that we did manage to get accomplished! 


Life is like a bowl of pasta! 

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Embrace Life's Blooper Reel

My dad and I on a movie outing! 
Growing up, my family watched a lot of movies. My dad is quite the movie buff and was sure to pass that down to his three kids. Therefore in my teen years, I may not have had all of the mathematical formulas memorized, but you better believe that I knew the names of the actors of Jaws. This way to look at film was like a second language to me and even today, it will drive me crazy if I cannot figure out where I have seen that actor/actress before.

If this wasn't exciting enough, there was another thing that we kept our eye out for in a new film. We loved finding the bloopers that were made in the process of movie making. I am not referring to the "Haha... I forgot my line" blooper reel here. I mean a genuine mistake that they tried to pass off as meant to be. It could be that an actor puts down and object and suddenly it is back in his hand. Finding these mistakes became the ultimate challenge in my family movie nights. 

The other morning, I was sitting with my kids, watching some animated film (I can't for the life of me remember which one) and I saw it! I saw a blooper! They are pretty hard to spot in an animated work, but there it was! This squeal rose to my throat and my children looked at me like I had noodles coming out of my eyeballs!

 Once that moment of excitement was behind me, I began to really think about the idea of a blooper reel.

 A life can never be a perfect take. There is going to be a lot of footage that you wish could be edited out. Yet, here are two neat take aways from a blooper reel:

1. You actually get to see actor's progress through a scene. You get a chance to see the moments that they needed to work a bit harder on and where they overcame those struggles. 

2. More often than not the actor/actress is laughing through their errors. We are all going to make mistakes. Our outlook on them is very important.    

There is also something to say for those moments that you thought you had it all together and yet a mistake was made. 

Will everyone notice? ... No. 
Will someone notice?.... Maybe

Does the blooper change the plot of the movie?... No
Will I like the movie any less because there is a blooper hidden in the scenes somewhere... Absolutely not!

The important thing is that you put your life out there and show the world the beauty in the bloopers!