Saturday, February 10, 2018

EDU Poisons

One of my loves besides teaching is cooking and watching cooking shows. On the weekends, snow days or summer days, the Food Network is my friend. I tend to overdose on cooking reality TV.
On one episode of The Next Food Network Star, a contestant made the fatal mistake of handling raw chicken and then grabbed a tomato without washing her hands. This, of course is a HUGE cooking no-no for it could cause food poisoning.

This made me wonder...

Food poisoning can be so sneaky and its effects sometimes are not seen until hours later. What about poisons in our classrooms?
I know many of you are thinking "I don't poison my students!"  I am not talking about the poison center/ ER type of poison here. I am talking about the sneaky poison that much like bacon left on the counter too long can leave an uneasy feeling in the gut of our students, teachers or coworkers.

Think of....

The sigh of frustration giving when a student asks a question.

The time you called out a student in front of his/her peers.

The negativity that is spread during plan time. 

That email that tears down instead of lifts spirits. 

The idea that gets shot down because "you know best."

Whether we like it or not, there is quite a bit of unseen poison alive and well in our buildings.
The next question is...

"What do we do about it?"

Two weeks ago, I found myself under the effects of the poison in my building. I felt as though I was under a fog of pessimism and negativity. I couldn't seem to shake this poison surrounding me.
Luckily, I have an amazing PLN on Twitter and on Voxer and with their help, I was given the tools I needed to free myself from this poison. This Wednesday, I woke up a bit earlier so that I could fit in yoga and a brief meditation before I left the house. This simple thing drastically changed my day and was the cure to my "School Poisoning" 

Was my day less stressful?.... NO

Was it an easier day?.... NO

What was different???.......ME!!!

On Twitter the word "Mindset" is thrown around a lot, but it is so true!

As educators, we must have...

A growth mindset

An innovative mindset

A POSTIVE mindset

We are the adults in our buildings, therefore we set the tone. Like cooks in the kitchen, we must strive to keep our schools a safe place to learn and grow. Yet, we must be extra aware of the sneaky poisons around us that are both in and out of our control. We must simply keep our minds focused on our recipe for student success!